Why Northwest Music?
  • We love what we do! It’s our vision to instill the love of music, the fun of movement, and the freedom of self-expression to everyone that we teach. In addition, you are guaranteed to have the best instruction around.
  • Our Proficiency in music education – Music Rhapsody began its groundbreaking work in early childhood music education at a time when few programs of this kind were offered in the U.S . Music Rhapsody Founders were there at the beginning, and we’re still here more than 30 years later. Music Rhapsody prgrams have a proven track record of success in teaching music and movement, from babies to adults, and we do it all in a way that makes it fun and rewarding to learn music!
  • Our program is based on the innovative and successful “Orff Schulwerk” approach to music education. With this active approach as the foundation, we use singing, instruments, movement, and improvisation to make music come alive. Orff Schulwerk is a proven and exciting approach to teaching music to children. It gets its unusual name from Carl Orff, the European composer who created this teaching approach along with Gunild Keetman. Based on things children like to do-sing, chant rhymes, dance, and play instruments. Orff develops creativity and imagination. The Orff melody instruments are very high quality and include xylophones, glockenspiels, and metallophones as well as recorder and percussion instruments of all types. Children experience the joy of making music together in a group as they learn the fundamentals of music.
  • Our comprehensive and continuous schedule of classes that offer something unique and musically educational for every age group, from babies to adults, including 6th to 8th grade ensembles and piano or ukulele classes (some students have been with us for as many as 13 years!)
  • Our products that are of the highest quality, real instruments – not toys! They are backed and endorsed by world leading manufacturers in percussion and print music like REMO, Sonor, Alfred and more.
  • The Music Rhapsody program uses the Orff instruments like glockenspiels, xylophones, and percussion instruments, another reason why it has to be developmentally appropriate (babies would be putting bars and mallets in their mouth!) and why its easy to continue to challenge the timing and coordination of the children as they have more experience.
  • The mommy-and-me style “Make Music” classes are developmentally/age appropriate and also include a broad range of music, such as piano and orchestral (classical) music, world music, traditional folk dance music and folk songs, and jazz. Parents are also music makers in these classes, where parent and child create bonds that will last a lifetime!
  • Our piano program, Simply Piano, is internationally recognized as a leading institution in play-based piano instruction. We teach by immersing our students in the actual experience of playing, providing a subtle balance between guidance, discovery and direct ‘hands-on’ experience, and including improvisation and composition alongside learning the compositions of others. This program is available to children and adults, and we guarantee you will impress yourself by the first class!