What Is Simply Music Piano?

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How does it work?

Think of it like the Rosetto Stone of piano lessons. Just like you don't teach children to read and write before they learn to speak, we feel you don't have to read music in order to make it. Simply Music Piano is a approach to learning piano that has you playing real recognizable songs from the very first lesson.

It's Personable.

Every person is deeply and profoundly musical, but many people don't know it. We encourage creativity. if you want to play The Beatles, let's play. if you sing like to sing. If you want to write your own music, let's write. Your're on your musicianship path, let us help be your guide.

For Children

There's scientific evidence that children's intelligence increases with the addition of music into their lives.Simply Music Piano prepares a student physically and aurally before they are exposed to notation. It's a more natural way of learning piano using creativity and imagination to make music. 

For busy parents looking to connect with their young ones, this method comes with a three pronged support approach. Don't worry, we'll explain how.

For Adults

Designed to suite your personal interest and needs as a musician. We have many supplemental projects including composition, song-writing, arranging, improvisation, etc.. Teachers are simply here to guide you in becoming the specific kind of musician you want to be by providing you with the resources and skills you need in order to develop. Learn the kind of music YOU want to play, don't worry about scales or middle C - just yet.

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