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Northwest Music offer private lessons in students' homes and in the Northwest Music studio.

For ages younger than 6, we highly recommend Music Rhapsody classes before starting with private lessons. For ages 6 and up, continuing in the Music Rhapsody Orff program makes the progress in private lessons much faster. These students are better musicians and tend to stay with their lessons much longer.  


Class length: 25-55 minutes
We schedule shared Simply Music Piano lessons for children and adults. Northwest Music is excited to offer a program that encourage piano students to do the same as we do in our Orff Schelwerk music education classes: create, improvise, compose, accompany. Students learn to play songs in a variety of styles. And enjoy times when we "just play our instrument without reading music first." This is not to say our students don't become proficient music readers. They do! Our students stay in music longer and our piano program gives students that same joy for making music that our Orff classes do. 


Class length:  25-55 minutes

Including:       Acoustic, Classical, Bass, Electric

Woodwind and Brass

Class Length:  25-55 mins

Including:         Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone 


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