Northwest Music / Suite 4 Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope Gardens. / 0400-608-177.

Put some musical magic in your celebrations! Northwest Music will bring Music Rhapsody to you and make your party one to remember. Musically engaging and unique celebrations for every age group.

Musical celebrations featuring dance and movement, singing, percussion instruments, musical storytelling, puppets, props, and more!Drum circles and drumming that brings all ages together!

Interactive baby and tot birthday parties, with parent participation, to make the party fun for everyone.

Music activities – such as instrument playing, dancing, musical games, and stories – guided by our highly qualified Music Rhapsody teachers.

Purchase High quality instruments as party favors. Our award winning instruments are made by the leader in percussion manufacturing for professional musicians.

Cost: $210 for 45 minutes of musical activity. Current Students receive 10% discount! 50% non-refundable deposit required to book date.

Call 0400-608-177 for more information and to schedule a party.