How does this prepare my child for future music endeavors?​

We love what we know! A child immersed in music and participating in regular music classes will always love music. In Music Northwest Music - Rhapsody Classes, your child learns to keep a steady beat, match pitch, be creative and self-expressed, improvise, accompany and participate in group music music making. All of these activities prepare them for future music lessons and increases the likelihood of having music as a lifelong companion.

A child engaged in a Music Rhapsody program has a unique opportunity to continue their journey quite naturally into other musical avenues. Piano, orchestral, jazz, and world music are intentionally and strategically woven into the Music Rhapsody curriculum from the start. Growing up in our program, your child will hear and interact with a variety of different types of tonalities, keys, time signatures, tempos, and styles. The integration of those pieces from the earliest stages gives your child a huge advantage in any music or dance lessons.