Do Parents/Siblings attend classes?


You are your child's first and best teacher. Parents do attend and participate in weekly Music Rhapsody classes. Participation includes singing along with the teacher, using the instruments with your child, dancing, rocking and more. Parents will even have an opportunity to learn to play the ukulele and those skills transfer to guitar! Your involvement shows your child that you value music and that you are a music maker, too!

When parents enroll their child in a Music Rhapsody class, they have set aside a special time to bond with their child and enjoy music together, therefore siblings are generally not allowed to be in class. Unlike other programs, SMR classes are age specific, so we recommend that each child enroll in their own developmentally appropriate class to get the most from their music education!

In the summer, we DO offer a “family all-ages” class for families who have all of their littles ones out of school! Call our office for more information.